Parking for three residential buildings in Ljubljana

Project summary
Application Garages and underground car parks

Ljubljana , Slovenia

Product(s) used Tektalan A2-E31-035/2
Building Three residential buildings, VS 6/1 Dolgi most
Building Owner Municipality of Ljubljana
Architect Bevk Perovič architects
Construction company CGP d.d.
Installer ALVA d.o.o.

Tektalan is a very high quality and aesthetic insulation product which is quick and easy to install.

Tektalan installer


The challenge was to provide good insulation of the parking garages on the ground floor of three new residential buildings in Ljubljana, at the same time as protecting the apartments above from noise and the potential risk of fire.

A technical solution was needed that would also allow for the precise and easy cutting of installation holes of different shapes, whilst at the same time being aesthetically appealing.


The solution was to use Heraklith Tektalan A2-E31-035/2 two-layer Wood Wool insulation board which has a mineral-bonded non-flammable Wood Wool cover layer.

It provides excellent thermal insulation, fire protection and sound absorption and is quick and simple to install.

The precise cutting of different installation holes was possible by accurately measuring the elements already constructed and then precisely cutting the individual Tektalan boards with a jigsaw. The installer remarked on the ease of installation as well as the quality of the products and the packaging.

The same solution was used for each of the three-storey residential buildings, providing all round comfort and protection for the residents.