About Heraklith®

Heraklith® is widely used as the generic name for quality wood wool panels. But you get more than a brand name when you choose Heraklith®

In many countries the word Heraklith® is frequently used as a generic name for wood wool because of its continuous and growing presence over many years. But, where does it come from?

It comes from combining two words – Herakles (Hercules) and lithos (Greek for stone). Among his 12 legendary tasks, Hercules built a giant wall from boulders to divert powerful rivers to clean the king’s stables. Thus his name proved to be the ideal inspiration for a name that represents architectural innovation and stone-strength durability.

Although it all started from humble origins, Heraklith® Wood Wool has become much more sophisticated.  Today, Heraklith’s name is synonymous with high quality, high performance Wood Wool panels that are versatile, durable and lightweight at the same time as offering exceptional acoustic and thermal properties, impeccable sustainability credentials and outstanding fire safety performance.

About Heraklith

Providing value for our customers

Our range of Heraklith® Wood Wool products provides exceptional value for our customers. When you select Heraklith® you know you are choosing some of the best value panels and support services available.

Sharing our passion

At Heraklith® we are passionate about our brand and we love working with customers who share our values and our determination to make products that are admired for their quality and excellence.

Expertise and experience

No other insulation company has the long-standing expertise and experience that Heraklith® offers. For more than 110 years we have been manufacturing a range of Wood Wool products that are renowned for their quality, effectiveness and durability around the world.

Our history

The history of Heraklith® goes back to when the first patent for wood wool panels was registered in Austria in 1908.   

The first factory-made panels to be sold under the Heraklith® brand name were produced in 1924 and it was not long afterwards that Heraklith® started working with architects, engineers and construction companies to expand the range of applications.

It was the beginning of a success story that has paved the way for pioneering innovation and improvement and that continues today.

Our heritage

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