Our products are supported by first-class service

Our product portfolio is supported with a wide range of services designed to help architects, contractors, installers and dealers get the very best from the solutions we provide. Many of the services can be customised to your needs.

The services we provide (depending on country) include:

  • Tender text templates to help prepare project submissions, including all relevant information and design details about Heraklith® products.
  • Calculations on the product’s thermal and acoustic performance, and moisture absorption.
  • Customised products such as factory applied colours and edge finishing, and different fibre widths (1mm and 2mm).
  • Fit for use packaging including pallets for easier handling and wrapped with perforated stretch foil that allows moisture evaporation and prevents condensation within products. For some Heraklith® products, pallets are covered with a rigid cardboard template showing the optimal drilling pattern to ensure permanent fixing of the panels with a minimum number of screws/dowels.
    Please note that Heraklith® products are not meant to be stored outdoors in exposed weather conditions.
  • Marketing collateral, including brochures, samples, product catalogues and technical documents to help dealers and decision makers.
  • Construction details prepared by our technical experts so that using Heraklith® products is a solution and not a design problem.
  • Case studies and references to demonstrate how Heraklith® Wood Wool is used in different applications.
  • Onsite support and site visits to discuss any issues pertaining to wood wool.
  • Technical product parameters relating to application-specific legislation.
  • Product certificates to demonstrate that Heraklith® Wood Wool products have been tested and certified according to legal requirements.
  • Advice on options to ensure that architects’ creativity continues to fit within project budgets.
  • Product information (safety datasheets and product datasheets) required for project administration.
  • Support hotline with dedicated telephone numbers to quickly answer technical and order related questions from contractors and installers.

To see more about the services offered in your area, please visit the support section on your local country website.