Extreme climate insulation

Extreme weather conditions call for extreme insulation solutions.

Extreme weather conditions call for extreme insulation solutions.

Whether it be providing insulation for storm-prone, high altitude Alpine ski-lift stations – where temperatures can drop many degrees below freezing – or for the ceilings of theme parks and large entertainment halls  in the sweltering summer heat of the Arabian Gulf, Heraklith® panels can provide the solution.

Minimising condensation and frost on interior surfaces in cold conditions can be achieved by using Tektalan with an aluminium-foil vapour barrier between the wood wool top and mineral wool core.


High pressures

The panels can be concreted directly into the formwork, because they can withstand the high pressures of the concreting process. Alternatively, they can be applied with concrete screws and then plastered and/or painted, depending on the expected wear-and-tear in the rooms where they were installed.

And in addition to their thermal and anti-condensation properties, Heraklith® Wood Wool A2 panels give peace of mind with regard to fire resistance - due to their A2 fire rating

If you have an extreme climate insulation challenge, our engineers would be happy to discuss both our experience and our solutions with you.