Basement ceilings

Heat-loss through basement ceilings can account for up to 10% of the total energy loss from the building. Heraklith ® panels help address that problem.

When insulating a single- or multi-family home, it is important to consider the heat-loss that can occur in every area of the building including the amount through the basement ceiling – which can account for as much as 10% of the energy loss from the building.

Good insulation will provide fire protection while also preventing heat loss through the ground floor and helping to reduce noise. 


All-in-one insulation

Heraklith® Wood Wool insulation fits these requirements nicely by providing an all-in-one insulation solution that is attractive, easy to install, durable and long-lasting. The durability of the wood wool is particularly useful to prevent damage that can occur to basement walls and ceilings from the movement of items stored there. It is not easy to damage the panels’ surface, so they last longer and in good condition.

Because Heraklith® panels are made from sustainable natural materials, they also provide an eco-friendly and environmentally responsible approach to home insulation.


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