Amsterdam North/South Metro line

Project summary
Application Traffic sound barriers

Amsterdam , Netherlands

Product(s) used Heraklith Tektalan A2 boards and Heraklith A2 Deco panels
Building Metro stations on the new Amsterdam North/South Metro line
Client Gemeente Amsterdam (Amsterdam Municipality)
Supplier Van Wijngaarden + Co BV
Installer Verwol


The new Amsterdam North-South metro line (Noord/Zuidlijn) will halve current travel time between Buikslotermeerplein in the north and the South Station, cutting it to just 16 minutes.

However, trains arriving and leaving the stations every four minutes during peak periods, cause a considerable amount of noise. Good sound insulation properties are therefore required to provide quieter metro stations and a more comfortable travel experience for passengers.


Heraklith Tektalan A2 board and Heraklith A2 Deco panel were chosen because they fully met the sound insulation requirements, at the same time as having an A2 reaction to fire classification.

The Tektalan A2 board is a two-layer mineral bonded wood wool board combined with rock mineral wool. It provides excellent fire resistance as well as high thermal and acoustic insulation performance.

The Heraklith A2 Deco panel is a large mineral bonded wood wool board which can be applied to ceilings and walls. It combines excellent noise absorption qualities with an A2 reaction to fire classification. The panels are made of natural materials that work together to absorb sound. They are perfect for lining walls and ceilings, anywhere internally and externally where sound is echoed. Because of their attractive finish and wide range of possible colours they are often used in high-end public spaces, offices and homes.

For the North-South metro line, Heraklith panels have been mainly used underneath the platforms to provide sound absorption and extra sound dampening. At Amsterdam Centraal metro station they have also been used outside and in the ceilings of the mid platforms. At the De Pijp metro station they have been used for the ceiling.

The project for the new North South Metro Line in Amsterdam has been prepared and executed by the team of companies Verwol, Van Wijngaarden and Heraklith who have a relationship of long standing and of mutual benefit while sharing knowledge.