Private print house

Project summary
Application Exterior wall insulation

České Budějovice , Czechia

Product(s) used Heraklith C
Building Printing house Karmášek
Owner Jaroslav Karmášek
Architect Ivan Kroupa

Ever since I was young, buildings around me have generated different feelings, from incompability to warm feelings of harmony.

Jaroslav Karmášek Owner of the printing house


When Czech architect Ivan Kroupa set out to design a printing house for Jaroslav Karmášek, he was faced with a problem - how to insulate the external walls in a way that would fit in with the sleek, industrial look that his client desired for the building.

He needed a material that would perform well thermally while blending in seamlessly with the unpretentious, minimalistic lines of concrete and metal that would invoke a sense of inner calm and balance. He also needed an insulation product that would stand up well against the elements of Nature over time.


In developing a unique and artful design for the structure, the architect sought to create an uncluttered, modern look that would stand the test of time not only from a design perspective but also from the practical ability of the building materials to endure against the potential ravages of the real-world environment. Wood wool insulation represents a natural solution for this type of design requirement, because it is extremely durable even in physically challenging environments. In particular, the high impact resistance of its surface helps to provide optimal protection against physical damage.

To meet the design needs of the printing house, the architect chose Heraklith C, a long-lasting, eco-friendly wood wool insulation product that is both easy-to-install and very attractive. In fact, thanks to the many design options available with Heraklith C, he was able to incorporate the appearance of the wood wool insulation panels directly into the building design, so that they appear to work in cooperation with, rather than against, the building and its natural environment.

The resulting printing-house façade with its Heraklith panels is now one of the most recognized buildings in modern Czech architecture. And its uniqueness is due, in part, to the inventive use of the Heraklith panels, which appear to change color and tone as the angle of the sun changes during the day, thereby creating a sense the building is almost alive.

According to the printing house employees, the look of the building has a calming effect, and its structure warms the soul.