Multi-storey office building in Katowice, Poland

Project summary
Application Office spaces

Katowice , Poland

Product(s) used Heraklith® Tektalan A2 panels 037/2
Building Gornoslaskie Centrum Przemyslowe, an office building with three levels
Building owner Gornoslaskie Centrum Przemyslowe
Construction company NCC Spec Bau

The company had very high expectations of the new office building and needed it to provide a quiet working environment. Tektalan has provided excellent sound absorption as well as high fire resistance.

Andrzej Waza ING Bank


The owners of this three-storey office building in Katowice specified that the materials used for each of the three 900 m2 levels needed to provide excellent sound insulation and absorption properties, as well as a high level of fire resistance.

Furthermore, the construction company required delivery of the materials within a three week timeframe, and specified that they must be quickly and easily installed to avoid any delay to the subsequent fitting of fire detection systems and sprinklers.


Heraklith® A2 panels were chosen because they fully met the sound insulation requirements, are noncombustible A2 and tested to be 120 minutes fire resistant.

The Tektalan A2 panel is a two-layer mineral bonded wood wool board combined with rock mineral wool. The open surface structure of Heraklith® wood wool insulation panels provides outstanding acoustical insulation properties, fully satisfying the need for a quiet workspace.

Extensive international fire tests have shown that structures covered with Tektalan A2 panels are fire-resistant for 120 minutes. Heraklith® Tektalan A2 is the only wood wool panel that can act as a heat shield thanks to the layered structure and the use of an interchangeable recess, which ensures the longer integrity of the structure in the event of fire.

The Knauf Insulation team in Poland collaborated closely with the Heraklith plant in Hungary to ensure that the Tektalan A2 panels, covering a total 2,700 m2 space, were delivered and quickly installed on time.

The panels were all painted on site.