IKEA – Obchodní Centrum Černý Most

Project summary
Application Garages and underground car parks

Praha , Czechia

Product(s) used Heraklith C
Building IKEA – Obchodní Centrum Černý Most

The wide range of Heraklith styles allowed the creation of a unique look in the garage. One gets both the sense of safety and a welcoming feeling of warmth.

Milan Pokrivcak Application Manager of Knauf Insulation


In 2013, the Černý Most shopping mall underwent a significant expansion, including the shopping area of the furniture producer IKEA. In addition to the work done above ground, the expansion involved work in the underground garage, which needed to be insulated for both acoustics and fire resistance, especially in its ceiling.

At peak periods, the IKEA store may be visited by up to 10000 shoppers, and the garage has a capacity of 1400 cars; therefore, the insulation solution needed to work for a very large underground space.


Shopping mall parking structures like that of Černý Most must provide not only comfortable and convenient access to the mall but robust protection for the customers who visit the mall to shop. And that protection must include not only fire protection to shield the mall against the kind of structural damage that can result from the heat of a fire - but thermal and acoustic protection, as well, to inhibit heat and noise transfer.

In particular, the acoustic insulation should inhibit noise transfer through the structure ceiling and should also provide a comfortable environment for shoppers, so that they are not assailed with the sounds of slamming car doors and clicking footsteps of their fellow shoppers on the way to the mall.

To meet the challenges of this project, the contractor chose Heraklith C insulation. When the outer surface of Heraklith C possesses is exposed to fire, it develops a carbonized layer that stops the advance of the fire front and protects the materials to which it is attached - which is why it is praised by firemen. Also, Heraklith wood wool insulation boards do not melt or produce burning droplets when exposed to fire and are rated in the best class with regard to smoke development.

With regard to sound insulation, Heraklith C possesses excellent acoustical properties. And it is also easy to install and very attractive, creating a much warmer and natural look than that of ceiling concrete. This combination of fire resistance, acoustic performance, ease of installation, and attractive appearance make Heraklith the perfect choice for insulating spaces such as underground garages.